We were approached by a company who were looking for several small chemical stores. The company itself works with the oil and gas industry and specialise in advanced field joint coating systems. Their systems are supplied to offshore and onshore pipeline contractors. The units in question are to be used within various challenging environments and therefore needed to be robust, high quality and reliable.

Our client provided us with a drawing to show the layout that they were hoping to achieve. The plans consisted of modifying the original container floor to incorporate a bund with removable mesh panels and lining the internal walls of the unit. In the side they required a fitted window with secure shutters, a sliding hatch and a purpose built lifting davit.
The container will be used as a paint processing facility and will house large drums of paint. When the unit is in use the paint will be transferred from the drums via pipes which will pass through the fitted hatch. The pipes and other tools will be supported by an external lifting davit. The staff using the units will use the window for observation whilst this process is taking place.

When the unit was complete in depot, our client was invited to come and see it themselves prior to delivery. During the visit to depot the client added a few more items to the electrics and we discussed the build for the next set of units. The specification has changed slightly now that the client has had some hands on experience with the container. Next time, all of the external fittings will be recessed and shipping decals will be reapplied to allow the units to be shipped to the clients’ various locations around the world.

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